While our team has managed to find great community resources linking to thousands of Bainbridge products, services, places, experiences, and organizations for you to say hello to, we know that there are always new additions to make and more hidden gems to discover.

Wherever possible, Hello Bainbridge aims to be a list of lists - linking out to specific Bainbridge organizations that help promote one aspect of Island life, so we will always look for those kind of fresh resources.

Where no such resource exists, Hello Bainbridge has created something to fill the gap, hopefully on a temporary basis, so for those areas (Healthcare, Education etc), and while we support other entities in being the home of that listing, right now, we also accept individual entities looking to be featured - we are open to anyone with a Bainbridge Island business license and 98110 or 98061 business address.

If you have a little something to share, then please go right ahead...


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