Bainbridge Island Businesses - Sage Far Bank Enterprises
Bainbridge Island Businesses

From internationally-known manufacturers to true kitchen table startups, Bainbridge Island supports a commercial community continually invested in making, innovating, customizing and evolving. With more than 3,000 Bainbridge business license holders, and more than 2,000 island business addresses, there are always … LEARN MORE

Hello Bainbridge Island
Welcome To Bainbridge Island

WELCOME TO BAINBRIDGE ISLAND WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO TODAY? SHOP With island-made originals alongside hand-curated selections from around the world, 100+ stores await on Bainbridge (+ dozens more online). EAT Whether you fancy a quick snack, food delivery, … LEARN MORE

Bainbridge Island Stay Lodging Hobbit Cottage Waterwheel
Stay on Bainbridge Island

Hotels, inns, B&Bs, vacation homes, and even a hobbit cottage or two offer intriguing island accommodations for all tastes and budgets. The reflective solitude of a yurt in the woods? A family celebration at a waterfront estate? A weekend adventure … LEARN MORE

Bainbridge Island Drinks - Fletcher Bay Winery
Drink On Bainbridge Island

Morning coffees, afternoon tastings and evening drinks are waiting for you to sample across more than 20 bars, cafés, wineries, tap rooms and more. Imbibing options abound – from the ferry-adjacent tasting rooms and Waterfront Public Houses of Winslow Way, … LEARN MORE

Bainbridge Island Events - Rotary Rummage Sale and Auction
Bainbridge Island Event Calendars

Parades, parties, tours, festivals, exhibitions, meetings and more via living, breathing guides to what you can do this week, month and year across civic, artistic, commercial and community event calendars…

Bainbridge Island Get Around Transportation - Washington State Ferry
Get Around on Bainbridge Island

Bikes, buses, boats, carts and cars to help you and your friends move about all of the island’s 27 square miles by land or by sea. Get up and get around Bainbridge Island today: Snag a ticket, grab a ride, … LEARN MORE

Spa Salon bainbridge Island
Spas & Salons on Bainbridge Island

Across the island, ready and waiting to improve your week are the hair salons, nail bars, day spas, and yoga houses that could be the home to a little well-earned self-care for you. Whether it’s time for a trim, the … LEARN MORE

Financial Services Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Financial Services

Financial services available on Bainbridge encompasses a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, insurance companies, accountancy companies, and investment funds and managers. Your pick of a selection of national, regional and 100% local choices are all available on the island.

Bainbridge Island Clubs and Groups - Boys & Girls Club
Bainbridge Island Clubs & Groups

From adult and youth leagues in more sports than you knew existed, to study groups, book clubs, art lovers, hobbyists, they all find each other and hang together on Bainbridge. Students, seniors, sports, languages, books, farming public speaking, and more … LEARN MORE

Animal Care Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island Animal Care

To some, it can appear that everyone on Bainbridge owns a dog. That is obviously not true. Some people own more than one. Or a cat. Or another kinds of furry or feathered friends. Or something more exotic. All those … LEARN MORE

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